"If we're upright we're alright!"

Welcome to the home site of the family of Charles M. Stith of Warren, Ohio (1916 - 1994) and his wife of 33 years, Josephine Catherine of Charleston, SC (1918-1974).  In the picture (ciras. 1953) from left to right: Charles M., Jr., Charlise Carolyn (Baker), Daddy, Helen Josephine, Mommy, Jacquelyn Elaine (Dean), Henrietta Spring (Andrews) and Jonathan Albert.  We live in Ohio, Georgia and the Virgin Islands.  Our children live in California, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Washington, DC, and Ohio.  We have 16 grandchildren. 

The Stith Family Crest, was designed by Jonathan in 2005.  The symbols are West African and represents Faith, Self-determination and Creativity, the core principles of the family. 

The motto "If we are upright we're alright"  was created by our father in the late 50's.

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  April 19,1958 Easter Morning

Henreitta, Daddy, Mommy, Charlise, Jonathan, Helen, Jacquelyn, Charles, Jr.

Middle photo: October 10, 2010.  Bottom photo: July 31, 2010